What we are interested in & how to sell:

We specialize in high quality & condition records & memorabilia from the 50's through the more important artists of the present day. Our customers know that when they buy something from us it will be in the condition we state and that we do not offer beat up yardsale merchandise in our shop or on line. Therefore we are very demanding when it comes to condition.
We are always interested in seeing collections of LP's and 45's from all era's covering rock 'n roll of the 50's, 60's & 70's thru today, jazz, blues, soul/funk, 50's & 60's vocal groups & doo-wop, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and the British Invasion era, Teen Idols, girl groups, Elvis & all of the rockabilly scene known & unknown, heavy rock, Led Zeppelin, heavy metal, punk, Northern Soul, 60's garage rock & local records, instrumentals,  independent label releases, psychedelia, 70's & 80's glam & glitz, hard core punk, Bowie, Madonna, right up through the 90's, Pearl Jam, Guns N Roses... our interests are very, very wide ....
We also buy pre-war & all era blues on 78 rpm records, Vogue 78 rpm picture discs, rock 'n roll and British Invasion period 78's (yes, they exist!).
We also buy collections of '45's (7" records) - singles, EP's & picture sleeves, and much more. We are always interested in '45 collections that cover the 50's & 60's and to a lesser extent the early 70's, although we do not automatically rule out anything!
We are constantly searching for original pop culture and vintage rock 'n roll memorabilia such as:
  • Concert Posters & tickets
  • Tour Programs
  • Promotional Press Kits and other related publicity material
  • Gold & Platinum awards
  • Fan club material on major artists
  • Certifiable autographs
  • Toys and other vintage merchandise related to The Beatles, Elvis, Kiss, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Dave Clark 5, Monkees, and literally any & all 50's/60's/70's/80's/90's artists.
  • Fillmore, Family Dog, Avalon & other vintage concert posters, handbills & flyers from any part of the country
  • Radio station record & CD libraries
  • Radio shows on LP & CD such as live concerts, music & interview format shows etc 
  • We do buy CD's & DVD's. These must be truly like new and complete with all original inserts or we will have no interest in them..
  • We still handle cassette tapes & VHS movies although we basically buy these formats "by the pound" or give store credit only. Again, these have to be like new & complete.
  • We also buy "baby boomer" toys such as Marx Playsets (The Alamo, Fort Apache, Ben Hur, Gunsmoke, etc etc), James Bond, Disney, and other movie & television related toys, figures & merchandise! Let us know what you've got!.
  • Good used turntables and stereo systems are also of interest as young people discover vinyl and need an economical delivery system! Bear in mind that these too have to be totally intact & functional. We will not buy anything that requires any sort of repair or is visually unattractive. 
WHEN IN DOUBT, REMEMBER OUR MANTRA - Our stock response is - "We will look at anything!"
HAVING SAID THAT, about the only things we will NOT buy are Rap, Hip-Hop, Christmas albums, Mitch Miller & The Gang, Lester Lanin... you get the idea. When in doubt give us a call.
We do buy for cash and will pay top prices for top condition on the sort of merchandise we are looking for.  We also do trades & give store credit if that's what you prefer.  We welcome you to bring small lots into the shop, or call us and we'll be happy to come to you for large collections. We WILL & DO travel the country to find the right collections.



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